Do I need to pay for the services provided by iHR ?

iHR’s clients will pay for our placement services, so you do not need to pay any fee to us. However, you need to bear all the actual expenses for the medical check-up in Malaysia, the application of license, legal fee for the notary public of documents etc, which will amount to around RM300.

For the scholarship Application, a processing fee will be collected from applicant upon successful application.

So what do I need to do if I am keen to engage iHR to help me find jobs ?

You just need to fill up the on-line application form and we will base on your qualification to match your requirements with the job vacancies. If we can find the job match, we will inform you about the next step.

What if there is no immediate job vacancy or job match for me, do I need to apply again ?

Once you fill up the on-line job application, your record will be in our database and we will continue searching the right match for you, so you do not need to re-apply in future. As such, it is very important for you to provide us with your full contact details such as your email address, home address and contact phone numbers.

How will the job application process be if you can find a job match for me ?

You can refer to the following application process for reference.

What are the documents that I need to prepare for the job application ?

iHR will advise you on all the necessary documents that you need to prepare for the job application. In a nutshell, the basic documents include :

  1. Certificate of your Professional Qualification
  2. Examination Transcripts for the Professional Qualification
  3. Registration Certificate of the Malaysia Nursing Board
  4. Testimonial from your ex-employers
  5. Malaysian Identification Card and Passport
  6. Resume
  7. Any other relevant documents

You can refer to the attached sample documents as reference.

How long will be the whole job application process ?

In general, the whole process will take 3 months from the time of the first interview to the commencement of work in Singapore. The long lead-time is because of the verification of documents from the College, Malaysia Nursing Board, etc and also the application of registration to the Singapore Nursing Board and the working visa from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. So it is very important for you to provide the complete set of documents for your application, it will shorten the application time.

What is the terms and conditions of the employment contract ?

The employment terms vary slightly amongst institutions. In general, your employment terms are same as the Singapore registered nurses, only some benefits for citizens and permanent residents such as central provident fund etc will not be applicable to you. The employment contract is usually 2 years on a renewal basis, depend on your performance and the job vacancies.

Will I receive any training and also will I get promotion if I perform well ?

The first 6 months is your probation period. The hospital will provide you with a very comprehensive training program before they allow you to work independently. Also, your immediate supervisor will access your performance in the first 6 months and will recommend to the Singapore Nursing Board to issue the practicing license to you if your performance meets the standard.

The promotion opportunities are based on merit, as long as you have good performance and good working attitude, you will have the same opportunities as any other staff, be it the local Singaporean or from other countries.

Can I choose to work in a specific hospital ?

We will try to match your experience and preference. However, if you are too specific in your requirements, you will limit your chances of getting a job in other institutions. In general, all the public healthcare institutions are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), so the standard is equally good.

What are the salary and career opportunities as a registered nurse in Singapore ?

You will be invited to attend a career briefing before the job interview, you will find out more information about the salary and career opportunities during the briefing.

What do I need to prepare after my job offer is confirmed ?

iHR will advise you on all the necessary preparation before you come to Singapore. iHR will also liaise with the hospitals on your starting date and will assist you in your relocation to Singapore.

Do I need to find my own accommodation in Singapore ?

iHR will advise you in finding accommodation in Singapore. Most of the hospitals will offer a monthly housing allowance of S$350 for you to rent a place.

If I encounter problems in Singapore, who should I consult ?

Once you started work in the hospital, your immediate supervisor and the staff of the Human Resource department of the hospital will assist you if you encounter problems. However, you can still contact iHR and we will provide the necessary advice to you.

I have not been to Singapore, will iHR help me to settle in ?

You can be rest assured that iHR will provide the necessary relocation assistance to help you settle in well in Singapore in the first week. Your success in Singapore is the utmost concern of iHR.

Do I need to pay for the any penalties if I cannot complete my 2 years contract ?

We expect you to fulfill the 2-year contract, so it is important for you to consider carefully before accepting the offer. However, if you want to terminate the contract pre-maturely due to some unforeseeable reason, you need to give 1-month notice period or pay 1-month salary in-lieu of the notice period. You also need to pay back the uniform fee, the licensing fee and other actual expenses incurred by the hospital. You can refer to the employment contract for details.


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